Music isn’t the only medium that’s been creatively marketing itself in a tech-savvy manner. Here’re a couple of films and television shows that made quite an impact with their promotions during their time.

Blogged?! Blocked!

With the advent of the Media Development Authority (MDA) revising its media code of conduct which could possibly result in tighter censorship rules on electronic and digital content on top of current broadcasting and print sectors, we imagined how an excerpt from a recent mrbrown blog ( might have been edited:Friday, March 30, 2007Behold our […]

Veteran Actress, Catherine O’Hara

A veteran of the big screen, she’s been in everything from Home Alone to Beetlejuice, yet you’d still be hard-pressed to find an actress funnier—or friendlier—than Catherine O’Hara.

60 Seconds with Cosmic Gate

Cosmic Gate—comprising Claus Terhoeven and Stefan Bossems—plays pulsating trance that sends us straight up to the stratosphere and back. We chat to the grounded Bossems about life as a DJ.

60 Seconds with Don Richmond

Don Richmond is a singer-songwriter, producer and a radio presenter. And he recently took up another project—being the sound designer for Toy Factory’s play 251. We suss him out on obsession, beau Jean Danker and making love.

Selena Tan as Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit

We have a heart-to-heart talk with Madame Arcati in between her spiritual sessions with the supernatural world, where she chats love, boyfriends, dangers of the job and the ghost of Teresa Teng.


We all like a quickie lunch at a decent restaurant that boasts decent food, friendly service, nice atmosphere and most importantly, an affordable price. And small restaurant Tavolo at Boon Tat Street offers exactly just that. Its brilliant location means that office workers in the CBD and Tanjong Pagar vicinity can just pop in and […]